we analyze online-marketplace data in search for patterns to exploit


Back in 2010 we started building systems for retail clients who wanted to streamline the process of selling in Amazon. The result was an increase of 300% in their productivity and bottom lines that soared using our tactics. In the process of creating an app to consolidate our findings we stumbled upon information that would change everything.

Prediction accuracy graph

The new findings allowed us to predict sales with 82% accuracy, and thus provide our prospective clients with inventory-purchasing suggestions that are unfairly advantageous. Unfolding a substantial increase in turns and cash flow.

Our sales predictive model is just the beginning, throughout 2015 we'll be conducting heavy data collection and analysis in order to refine our process and accomplish our goal of hyper-focusing our offering and target market for our official launch.

We are currently undergoing closed trials and our launch is projected for the first quarter of 2016. If you'd like to learn more please visit our data driven page.



Apollo, Sandbox & Fable

Apollo, Sandbox & Fable

Unusual Suspects

Pat Garcia

codename: Apollo

  • Big Data Decoder
  • Bad UX Erradicator
  • Usability Enforcer
  • Art Direction Connoisseur

Paulo Alvarado

Lead Developer
codename: Sandbox

  • django maverick
  • python charmer
  • parallel processing boss
  • API wizard

Vanessa Hänni

Lead Front End Developer
codename: Fable

  • reactjs exploiter
  • javascript savant
  • node whiz
  • scrum master (literally)